July 2016

Sex facts – Why sex is SO good for you

Sex facts – Why banging is good for you

Recently I bought a new sex toy (vibrator) from SexToys247.net.au it got me thinking about sex – and how damned good it is, and how it’s probably one of the few things which actually feels good, and is actually good for you. I cover some of the more interesting points here! ps: Checkout ST247’s fun vibrator range online

Sex is good for you video

You can never get tired of hearing facts about sex, the amazing activity which makes the world go ‘round. It’s a powerful antidepressant, reduces stress, relaxes your body and positively affects your whole existence. Furthermore, regular sexual intercourse can reduce the risk of heart attack, strengthen muscles, …



Unlike some other sexual activities, voyeurism gives a chance to everyone: old, young, poor, whealthy, celebrities, shy and even antisocial people. The real triumph for a voyeur is not participation, but being there to watch at the right moment. Psychological and social factors needed for a person to become voyeur are complex, but the basic conflict would be a simplified attitude towards masculinity, which during adultood inevitably comes into conflict with the reality of life. Feeling insecure and “not manly enough” for real intercourse causes voyeurs to find peace and salvation in perverted acts of watching someone else. Voyeurs are usually timid and shy people prone to violence only in exceptional circumstances – when they’re afraid they’ll get caught. …

Use your feet like sexy weapons – Foreplay tricks

Use your feet like sexy weapons – Foreplay tricks

The Foot Fetish

Kisses on the neck, shoulder massage, licking, biting and pinching – all of this can be part of a nice foreplay, but it’s just totally predictable, isn’t it? If you want to spice things up – try using your feet! Toes and soles are full of nerve endings which make it one of the most sensitive parts of the body. Think you’re not in the mood for this? These tricks might make you change your mind.

Tie them
If you’ve never tied up anyone before, this should be the first thing to try. Use a silk scarf ‘cause it’s fancy, or a regular rope if you like it …

Breast world – How tits are being treated around the globe

Breast world – How tits are being treated around the globe

Why would anyone have a problem with women exposing their breasts and nipples?! Dude, they’re nothing but skin, blood vessels, nipples and a few cubic centimeters of fat! They’re also a magnificient example of human beauty and a great reminder of what we should touch every day instead of our cell phones and other boring devices!

Most beautiful breasts from around the World

There was this nineteen-year old girl who went shopping topless. Fortunately, the judge in Ontario ruled that this public display of beauty didn’t upset order and peace. And in spite of all, that same judge allowed a saleswoman to sell hot dogs without a bra! …

Talk to each other dude

Talk to each other, dude! – Working on a healthy relationship

Recently I was watching this TED talk on good life lessons

Talking in relationships is a key success factor

This is a fast world where everything’s constantly changing, especially us humans. Just when you start thinking you got it all sorted out, that you really know yourself and are familiar with the ways of our society, something comes up and gets your head spinning in all directions. Not only you have to keep yourself together at all times while working a full-time job, paying bills and battling with everyday stress, you also have to stay tuned to your partner’s vibrations and keep the relationship strong and healthy. But hey, …