Breast world – How tits are being treated around the globe

Breast world – How tits are being treated around the globe

Why would anyone have a problem with women exposing their breasts and nipples?! Dude, they’re nothing but skin, blood vessels, nipples and a few cubic centimeters of fat! They’re also a magnificient example of human beauty and a great reminder of what we should touch every day instead of our cell phones and other boring devices!

Most beautiful breasts from around the World

There was this nineteen-year old girl who went shopping topless. Fortunately, the judge in Ontario ruled that this public display of beauty didn’t upset order and peace. And in spite of all, that same judge allowed a saleswoman to sell hot dogs without a bra! Should we mention that her business is booming right now?

The United States of America
US has banned any public display of sexual organs, and that also includes women’s nipples. But when the mayor of Hermosa Beach in California demonstrated against inequality walking around the city without his shirt, he said: “If I’m allowed to walk like this, why can’t women do the same?”. After this, during the Olympic games in Los Angeles, the streets were full of topless fans, male and female. Good job, mayor!

Great Britain
A country that cares a lot about breasts, which means that English women probably go to sleep wearing a bra. According to the latest research, the United Kingdom has the largest percentage of women’s bras sales in the world! In the last twenty years, bra sales are up by 42%, which is around 528 million pounds a year. They sure like to keep their tits comfortable.

12 million Brazilians are watching domestic TV soap operas on a daily basis. If you ever watched one, you know what we’re talking about. But if not, get this: uptight statisticians have calculated there are 2290 pairs of naked breasts on Brazilian national television EACH WEEK!

Hats off to French statistics! According to their magazine ‘Paris Match’, only 7% of the population is shocked and appalled when they see naked breasts on the beach. Which makes sense, because one quarter of French women is regularly practicing topless sunbathing. That is some valuable information if you were having doubts about your upcoming holiday in France.

Health and laws of nature above everything else, say Swedish mothers who breastfeed their babies until they’re four months old. And what are fathers doing in the meantime? Taking care of other household chores while their wives are breastfeeding kids in front of TV. Real viking atmosphere!

There must be something about German cuisine and we all wanna know what! Because in the last 20 years, the average chest size in German women has increased from 87 centimeters to 93 centimeters. That’s whole fuckin’ six centimeters! And like that’s not enough, plastic surgery is becoming more popular each year. Maybe they are the greatest nation in the world after all?

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