Sex facts – Why sex is SO good for you

Sex facts – Why banging is good for you

Recently I bought a new sex toy (vibrator) from it got me thinking about sex – and how damned good it is, and how it’s probably one of the few things which actually feels good, and is actually good for you. I cover some of the more interesting points here! ps: Checkout ST247’s fun vibrator range online

Sex is good for you video

You can never get tired of hearing facts about sex, the amazing activity which makes the world go ‘round. It’s a powerful antidepressant, reduces stress, relaxes your body and positively affects your whole existence. Furthermore, regular sexual intercourse can reduce the risk of heart attack, strengthen muscles, stimulate circulation and, of course, produce a feeling of happiness and totall victory. Check out these facts about sex and how it’s good for your health.

Extends life
US scientists from Mayo Clinic came up with interesting results. According to their findings, sex can prolong your life up to 12 years! There’s also evidence that people who are sexually less active die earlier (makes sense, unfortunately).

Reduces stress and depression
During sex the brain releases endorphins, the hormone of happiness, which reduces stress and creates a feeling of euphoria. Sex also strengthens connection between two partners, affects their self-esteem, positive thinking and optimism. One study confirmed that semen acts as an antidepressant. In fact, women who’ve had sexual intercourse without a condom showed fewer signs of depression than those who’ve used protection. It’s also interesting that sex affects the feeling of happiness more than money and people who have regular sex life sleep better.

Makes you attractive
Sexual activity stimulates the body for better production of pheromones – chemicals which attract the opposite sex. In addition, sex has a beneficial effect on self-esteem, which then contributes to your appeal.

It’s good for heart and circulation
During sexual intercourse the heart speeds up from 70 beats per minute to 150 beats, so you can understand how good of an exercise it is. If you’re shaging someone three times a week it will reduce the risk of heart attack by amazing 50 percent. Also, heavy breathing during sex means more oxygen for the body, like you’re jogging or working out.

Relieves pain
Shortly before orgasm, the level of oxytocin hormone rises up five times which leads to a large release of endorphins. They ease the pain caused by headaches, arthritis or migraine because head pressure drops during sex. During intercourse more blood is flowing to the brain carrying larger amounts of fresh oxygen, waking up dormant neurons and making you feel refreshed and relieved.

It’s good for skin and hair
A woman’s body doubles the production of estrogen during sex, which stimulates the synthesis of collagen. And the result: shiny and healthy looking hair and softer skin. Sweating during sex cleanses the pores, which also makes the skin more radiant and reduces the occurrence of dermatitis. Forget cosmetics, go pratice some intercourse!

Balances hormones
During sexual activity levels of estrogen and testosterone increase. Estrogen protects the heart of women and presents a long-term protection against Alzheimer’s and osteoporosis, while testosterone stimulates growth of bone and muscle in men.

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