Use your feet like sexy weapons – Foreplay tricks

Use your feet like sexy weapons – Foreplay tricks

The Foot Fetish

Kisses on the neck, shoulder massage, licking, biting and pinching – all of this can be part of a nice foreplay, but it’s just totally predictable, isn’t it? If you want to spice things up – try using your feet! Toes and soles are full of nerve endings which make it one of the most sensitive parts of the body. Think you’re not in the mood for this? These tricks might make you change your mind.

Tie them
If you’ve never tied up anyone before, this should be the first thing to try. Use a silk scarf ‘cause it’s fancy, or a regular rope if you like it raw, to tie down the feet of your partner to a chair or wherever you want. This will make your partner feel a little bit threatened and in a position to wonder what’s the next thing you’ll do to satisfy him. Just make sure to switch roles occasionally.

Rub them
There’s something very sexy about submission and serving your lover, as long as both sides are into it, of course, otherwise it might be legally considered as abuse. Try this: wash your partner’s feet, then place them on the pillow in your lap and massage them. Use your fingers to squeeze and knead in every direction, or hold the ankle with one hand and rotate the foot clockwise and vice versa with the other hand. This never fails to satisfy and we all know it.

Tickle your imagination
It may sound like a basic thing, but rubbing your toes against partner’s feet or thighs under the table is a perfect example of sexy shenanigans. Take off your shoes and first avoid eye contact, then later on, when you go deep into it and establish a connection with your partner, look at him directly and silently give him a signal to move on to the next level, baby.

Use them to tickle his anus
If your man is a brave lover open for experiments, you can try something more perverse: put some lubricant on your toes and start rubbing his anus. The most appropriate, of course, is the toe thumb, but if you’re both feelin’ really kinky try using small toes which are better for penetration.

Warm them
Cold feet can literally block your way to satisfaction. One study found that women are more likely to reach orgasm when their feet are warm, so feel free to massage them with warm oil before you start playing. Higher room temperature can be useful too.

Leave them dirty
We know (and hope) that the majority of men wouldn’t like to feel your smelly feet on a hot summer day, but it’s not hard to believe that some men would actually enjoy it. If your partner is one of those guys, don’t wash your feet before you let him lick them. For these fetishist the smell of your feet is an additional weapon to get them aroused and submissive.